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Using AI to generate ideas for my content

Our AI tool is the ultimate content creation assistant, instantly generating innovative ideas based on your uploaded brief. With just one click, you’ll have access to a whole new world of inspiration that will help you create truly standout content.

This will save you time and increase efficiencies when looking for creative ideas.

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How do I create a content ideas with AI?

The AI tool takes the brief that’s been uploaded to the content board and with the click of a button, will generate different concept ideas based on the brief. You can create multiple ideas, take inspiration and from there, create your own concept idea for approval. 

After you have saved a concept idea, you can then use AI to help you write a caption, it will give you suggestions based on the concept idea, alternately, if there is no caption it will give you ideas based on the brief attached. Below are steps on how to generate ideas with AI

1. Click inside your content board from your dashboard

If a brief has not been uploaded – Upload your brief here

2. Click into a deliverable and you will see a “Generate with AI” button. 

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You can then create multiple concepts at one time. Get inspired, and finally create a single concept idea and share with your client for approval. 

Once you are happy with the concept idea, or a concept is not needed you can then generate a caption idea under the “Content section”. This will generate you caption ideas based on the concept, or the brief.