Content testing
made easy.

Otterfish allows you to launch dozens of creatives and A/B tests into your target audiences in minutes so you can make faster data driven decisions.

Easy as A, B, Click.

Otterfish is a simple to use software package that allows a brand manager, marketer, product designer or content creator to iterate and test multiple pieces of content against each other using real time, real world social media audience sets before they press “go” on the full noise campaign.

We do the work for you.

Upload a few images and
copy into our system.

Let our software do
the heavy lifting.

Gain insights into what performs best, and let the best idea win.

Otterfish gives you the ability to find out which creative you should be spending on.

Test creative or whole campaigns easily and get insightful data and results to help you make cost effective decisions.


Launch in Minutes

Easily upload image and text options to the easy-to-use otterfish web app.


Use real audiences to test content against content

Otterfish will output each image and caption combination then test them into an audience of your choice.


Reliable results

Your test audience won't even know they are providing valuable feedback meaning you have reliable results in as little as a few hours depending on your desired reach and accuracy.

Gain insight through real data from real people

Data to help with
Data Driven Decisions

Content Darwinism allows you to prioritise good content and throw out poor performing content. saving you money

Keep the Good Ads in the Game

Our dashboard will keep a track of your best performing content helping you gain insight into what works best for your audience

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