Otterfish is an AI content approval tool designed for to simplify the way creators, brands and agencies manage, collaborate and approve content uploaded by creators on Influencer campaigns. The tool allows users to create a content board for each campaign, upload or create a brief, add a contract if necessary, and invite collaborators to the board.

The tool is designed for all creators, agencies and brands. Content creators can invite brands and agencies and collaborate on all their content to be approved. Whilst agencies and brands can invite creators and clients to the board in order to have everything managed in one place. 

Otterfish has an AI powered feature that will inspire creators with concept ideas based on their brief uploaded. You’ll see faster and better content ideas uploaded by using Otterfish. It also let’s you set reminder dates, ensuring that deadlines are always met.

With Otterfish, users can streamline their influencer campaigns by bringing everything you need into one platform and saying goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple tools and processes.

Otterfish is a better option for managing your influencer campaigns than your current process because it eliminates the need for multiple tools, such as Shared Drives and Dropbox, and reduces the reliance on long email chains. Our tool is specifically designed for collaboration and content approval on influencer campaigns, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.

With Otterfish, you’ll be able to better structure the way content is uploaded and approved, thanks to our prompt for a concept and then content. Content can be shared more easily using a preview link of the Ad, and reminder dates and due dates can be set to help you stay on track. With our AI feature, you’ll also see better and quicker concept ideas for each campaign. 

Overall, Otterfish allows you to better manage your campaigns and do more with less work, by eliminating a lot of the manual work that comes with managing influencer campaigns. By bringing everything you need into one platform, Otterfish allows you to streamline your influencer campaigns and work more efficiently, which can ultimately save you time and money.

Yes, you can invite team members to your Otterfish account. When you invite someone, they’ll have full access to view and create briefs and content boards, allowing them to collaborate with you seamlessly on your campaigns.

Yess! We know creators, brands and agencies are always on the go so we have a web-app available so you can upload and communicate via your mobile phone. Once signed up simply add Otterfish to your mobile home-screen. 

Our focus when building the tool is simplicity. It’s super easy to get setup and start using Otterfish. We’ve created online video support, KB and are happy to walk you through the tool and even help you get your first campaign live.