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Having ourselves worked alongside a talent agency we have a good understanding of the Influencer space, and also know the inefficiencies involved with multiple parties involved with sometimes a crazy amount of emails back and forth. The whole process of running a Campaign can be challenging and can take too much time and resource to get Campaigns over the line.

Otterfish is here to help agencies, talent agencies and brands with their Influencer Campaign Management. Starting with a standardized Campaign brief, an agency, brand or talent agency will be able to invite, comment and collaborate with each other to work and finalize a brief all inside the tool. Moving away from multiple email interactions and speeding up the process. 

Shortly, we’ll also add a content approval tool, which will allow the next phase after the Campaign brief to allow creators to upload content, whilst agencies and brands can comment and approve inside the tool.

We know they are other Influencer tools out there, and good ones too. However a focus from nearly all Influencer tools is their discovery phase to find influencers. We know that many talent agencies, agencies and Brands aren’t willing to use these types of tools as simply it’s hard to find good talent and it can be a race to the bottom on price. 

We at Otterfish are different, we’re here to help the brand, agencies and talent agencies that already have the talent or use talent agencies and support their main challenges around the whole process of Campaign briefs to contracts, approval of content and posting and reporting. We’re here to help standardized the way Influencer Campaigns are run, for the better for all parties involved. 

Using Otterfish will first make sure each brief is run efficiently and most importantly to a good high standard. With new features such as content approval and then contracts we will have Otterfish as the source of truth in running Campaigns quickly and efficiently for all parties and to get the best out of the budget and creators involved.

If you’ve used a discovery feature on a tool before. Otterfish is different. Our main focus is to help standardized the Influencer Campaign processes that are already being used by agencies and talent agencies. We know they’re many agencies that don’t need a tool to help find talent and simply want a tool to help streamline the lengthy processes in running an Influencer Campaign which Otterfish will help with.

We know that working on a Campaign can require many different individuals from a brand, to an agency through to a talent agency or independent creator. 

For every Campaign, you’ll be able to invite members into that specific Campaign only. For example an agency may be running a Campaign for Coca Cola. They’ll be able to invite the talent agency to their Campaign to work on the brief and finalize their deliverables with their talent. Each Campaign allows you to invite different members who will only be able to see that Campaign itself. The invitees will have a free Otterfish account to which that single Campaign will pull through on.

We are currently in our Beta stages of the tool and have a select number of brands, agencies and talent agencies using our tool. If you’d like to know more or join our Beta trial book a meeting below and we’ll discuss further options.