Otterfish is designed to help streamline the way content approvals and Influencer briefs are collaborated and approved in a single easy to use tool. 

We’ve spent over 5 years in the Influencer space, and we understand the pain points of inconsistent briefs, delays due to miscommunication, long email chains and using shared docs that simply aren’t designed for content approvals. 

At Otterfish we have an online briefing form that let’s you invite and collaborate with creators, agencies and brands to approve a brief. We also have a content approval tool designed for content creators to upload their content which anyone invited can comment and approve on.

If you’re using Google Docs or other Shared files, their features have limited functionality on collaboration, and it can be challenging uploading certain files for approvals. Also, we’ve spoken to many agencies, brands and content creators and we haven’t found any yet that like to have multiple 80+ email chains on a campaign. 

Otterfish brings the briefing, collaboration and content approvals together in one place that you and your team can manage through a dashboard and invite clients to a specific piece of content you want to approve or collaborate on. 

You certainly can. When you create a brief or a content board for approvals, you can invite a brand, agency or content creator to collaborate, edit and approve a campaign. It’s worth noting, they’ll only ever be able to view the brief or content board they’ve been invited to. 

Anytime you invite someone, they’ll be able to signup for free to access the brief or board. 

You can invite as many people to your account as you like. This will give them full access to view and create briefs and content boards. 

Yess! We know creators, brands and agencies are always on the go so we have a web-app available so you can upload and communicate via your mobile phone. Once signed up simply add Otterfish to your mobile home-screen. 

Our focus when building the tool is simplicity. It’s super easy to get setup and start using Otterfish. We’ve created online video support, KB and are happy to walk you through the tool and even help you get your first campaign live. 


We are currently in a Beta trial and have a select number of brands, agencies and talent agencies using Otterfish before we start moving to paid plans. Our BETA trial is still open so signup now!