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The marketing platform that helps you create and launch smarter ads on social media in minutes. No skills required. Our Smart Ads™ do all the technical stuff, so you can focus on your business. Otterfish turns anyone into an expert marketer.

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Otterfish: Ads that work

We believe we have created the easiest tool for creating and running Facebook Ads. There’s no need for Facebook Ad Manager or expert skills. Otterfish makes Facebook Ads so easy anyone in your team can do it. 


Create Ads Fast

Using our powerful and intuitive template engine, simply load your images, add some copy and boom! Dozens of great looking ads.

Test Ads Easy

No complex work here. Select or upload the Ads you want to test and the audience you want to test, add some budget and click launch. Otterfish will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Real Data

When your test is complete, Otterfish will fetch you the winning ad. You can one-click launch it again or use it for another test. What will you test next? Maybe different audiences…

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The hardest part of digital marketing just got a LOT easier...

Our World-first Instant Creative™ tool can turn a single image into dozens of unique creatives in seconds, ready to test into your audiences

On Facebook and Instagram, you are competing against the biggest brands in the world, even if they’re not in your market. They are running complex testing to find the best performing ads to maximise their returns. It’s called multivariate testing. It sounds hard, but don’t stress. It’s easy with Otterfish. Now you can compete against the big guys with data-driven marketing. Let Otterfish take care of it for you.

Otterfish makes creating multiple ad variations and testing them into different audience segments dead simple. Once you start testing, you’ll quickly learn which audience likes which ad, taking the guess work out of your marketing. Otterfish will tell you which ad is performing best to your audiences, and makes launching a larger campaign from this ad a single click. Otterfish is the world’s first multi-audience testing tool!

Creative Brain™ collects your creatives (ads), tags them and allows you to better organise past and future campaigns, or even just download them to use wherever.

Invite team members to join, collaborate with influencers with all your creatives, logos, templates and ads in a single place.

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Test Images, Headlines, Copy and for the first time ever, Audiences!

Otterfish Smart Ads Results

Otterfish finds your winning Ads!

Using our Smart Ads™ tool, anyone can run multi-variate testing across both ads and audiences (a world first). Select the ads you want to test and race them to see which performs best before spending big. 

Don’t know which audience segment you should be targeting or which geographical location you should be spending your advertising budget? Simply run some audience tests and Otterfish will tell you.

You can upload your own ads and test them in Otterfish too!

Real data, real people, real ads, real fast…and it’s free to use.

Save Money

Reduce your design and marketing agency costs by more than 90%!

Increase Traffic

Up to 455% more traffic for the same spend. Run easy tests and let Otterfish find your best ads.

Beautiful Ads

Create beautifully designed Ads that wow your audience. No design skills required

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