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How do I add a team member to my organization?

What access does a team member get if I invite them to my Organization?
If you have multiple people within your team, you can add team members to your Otterfish account. Adding team members gives them full access to your organization, meaning they can view and interact on any boards or briefs already created, as well as create their own.

How many people can I invite?
This depends on what plan you have. The free account is a single account, whilst our $199 plan gives you access to 3 team members. If you need more, get in touch for our custom plans.

How do I add a team member to my account?

  1. Click on your account icon > members
  2. Type in their email and click “Invite Member”

Your team member will receive an email link to join your account and will then have full access to view, interact and create content boards and briefs.