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How to re-send an invite link to a collaborator

After a content board has been created and an invite has been sent, you’ll be able to view who has been invited and accepted the invite request in each content board by viewing the collaborators section. 

How do I find the collaborators section?

1. Click on the  icon on the top right side of the content board
2. You will then be able to see who has been invited and accepted to each content board. 

If you are the person inviting the collaborator, as soon as they have accepted the invite request you will receive an email notification and you will be able to have a private discussion with them inside of Otterfish. 

How do I know if they have not accepted the invite request?

Under the name of the collaborator, you will see an “Invite sent” text under their name. You can either “resend” the invite request, which will send them an email, or click on the link icon which will copy the invite link which you can send them via email or text. As soon as they click on the link it will ask them to accept the request. 

Can I delete a collaborator on a board?

If they have yet to accept the invite request, you can click the delete icon which will cancel that invite request link. Once accepted, you will not be able to remove them from the board.