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How to upload content and best practices

The whole idea behind Otterfish is to streamline the way Influencer content is managed and approved. 

Once a content board has been created, and the necessary people have been invited to collaborate, the content creator will be able to upload their concept idea (if needed) and then content which can be reviewed and approved. 

How do I upload Content

To upload content you need to be inside a content board and a deliverable. From there, you’ll be able to see the Concept and Content section. If you do need to get a concept reviewed and approved, click on “Add Concept” and add your concept idea. You can also use the AI powered feature to help it generate different creative ideas based on the brief uploaded. You can generate different ideas, get inspired and create a single concept idea for approval. 

If you have invited a collaborator, they will receive an email notification as soon as you upload the document which can then be reviewed, commented on and finally approved. 

When your concept idea has been approved (or you don’t need one at all) you can then showcase your content idea for approval. Under the Content section, add in your Image and you can also use the AI function to give you caption ideas based on the concept (or brief if there’s no concept).
This will also be visualized on the right hand side on how the Ad will look. Like the concept, as soon as content is uploaded any collaborators will be able to review and approve content. 

Best practices: Uploading your concept idea

Firstly, we love technology so we recommend using the power of AI to help you generate different creatives.

It’s worth noting, not all creators may need to have a concept approved, if this is the case, move straight on to uploading content. When you upload your concept to keep in mind to:

  • Share as much about your visual idea as possible. For example, “I’ll start by talking to the camera…”
  • It helps to add visual images to your concept idea.
  • If you have a draft caption idea, upload that too.


Best practices: Uploading your content idea

When uploading your content for approval, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to your concept idea that was approved.
  • Add in your captions as well as visuals
  • If you’re uploading a Reel, add in a cover Image too.