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Creating a new content board


Otterfish allows you to manage all your content collaboration and approvals in one place. You can create a board, upload your approved brief and contract if you wish, and share your content with a client for approvals. It’s going to allow you to manage multiple campaigns and approvals all in one place. Better yet, all your saved content will be kept in Otterfish on your dashboard to view at any time. 

We’ve created a quick video that explains how Otterfish works. We recommend spending a few minutes watching the video that will explain how it works. 

Step by step instructions to create a content board:

1. Click on New board in your dashboard.

2. Add in the campaign details, such as the board name and deliverables, contract and brief (if you wish).

3. An agency or brand creating a board should invite a content creator. Or if you’re a content creator, you can invite an agency or brand or skip this part. 

4. Click Complete Board

After the board has been created – Any collaborators who you have invited will be sent an email to signup for free and be dropped straight into the content board.