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Using the chat room to discuss content – What you need to know.

Otterfish aims to eliminate those lengthy email chains by allow collaborators to share feedback on content inside of the tool. 

When you are working with creators or agencies inside a Content board, the discussion room will be available for you to chat with each other on content that being worked on in that specific chat board. You may have multiple campaigns on-going at the same time, with Otterfish, you can keep all the conversations under one roof, but keep the conversations separate per campaign or creator. 

Each time you write or receive a message, the collaborator will receive an email notification. 


What if I’m working with both an agency and creator inside a content board. Will they be able to see my conversations?

If for example you are a talent manager collaborating with an agency and creator. You will be able to see two discussion boards – one with the content creator and the other with the agency. This gives you the ability to have separate conversations, whilst each collaborator will only ever be able to see their discussion. 

Furthermore, if you share the board as a URL link, the discussion room will not be visible.

Tips: Leave campaign notes for you and your team members

Each discussion room you will be able to see an Internal room. This is a great way for you to leave campaign notes, or leave handover notes should you be away and a team member is taking over the campaign. Only you and the people in your organization will be able to see that chat room.