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Uploading and creating briefs to share in Otterfish

When creating a content board, you have the ability to upload a creator brief you may have already created, alternately, we’ve built an online creator brief you can fill out whilst creating the board to send out to content creators. 

This article we’ll discuss

  1. How to upload a brief
  2. How to create an Otterfish brief
  3. Viewing permissions for the brief
  4. Downloading and editing the brief

Uploading a brief

When you are creating a content board you are able to upload a creator brief that will be visible between you and the creator. Or if you are a content creator creating board, between you and the agency or brand who you invite as a collaborator.

You can upload the brief whilst creating the campaign, or upload after the board has been created. 

Creating an Otterfish brief

Otterfish has a purposeful built brief specifically designed to ask the right questions when it comes to what is needed in a good brief. The brief will be created in Otterfish and can be edited at any time. 

1. If you are creating a new content board, you can create a brief. Click on “Create an Otterfish brief” (you can also do this after the board has been created)

2. Add in the details around the campaign. You can add as little or as much as you like, but remember, the more you fill in the better the brief will be for the creator. Then click “Add Brief to Board

3. Invite the content creator, add the deliverables and click Create board

Once the creator has accepted the invite request they will be able to view the content board. 

Who is able to view the briefs and contracts that have been uploaded?

If you are an agency or brand working with the creator, only you and the creator who you’ve invited to collaborate will be able to view the brief itself. This meaning, if you do invite another agency, or share a URL link to view, they will not be able to view the brief or contract.

How to edit or delete a brief.

If you are an agency or brand and have uploaded the brief and invited a content creator, you will be able edit the brief (should it be created in Otterfish) or delete and re-add a new brief should you have uploaded a brief. 

The content creator will be able to download the brief but not delete or make changes to the brief if they have not uploaded it themselves. 

If a content content creator is the person creating the board, they will be able to upload and delete the uploaded brief.