Giving every SME the power of an agency in an app

Our mission has always been to build products that help everyone create, iterate and test content in a simple to use app

The world's fastest creative solution

Instant Creative™

Forget costly designers or even slow and annoying software, Otterfish Instant creative™ means anyone can turn a simple image into dozens of unique creatives in seconds.

The Otterfish

Test Centre™

Launch dozens of creatives into real audiences in minutes

For the first time ever you can choose to easily test a number of creatives into a single audience, or a single creative into multiple audiences.

Now you can easily separate Facebook and Instagram to see what audiences are reacting to and where.

This isn’t A/B testing, this A-Z testing. Select multiple creatives and captions, mix up your hashtags and press go.

It really is that easy. Anyone can launch dozens of ‘dark post’ style ads, all competing against each other in their own unique ad sets, with even budgets, in less than 5 minutes.

Otterfish will keep a track of how each ad is going and provide you with real-time updates. At the end of the trial Otterfish will rank the winning ad.

Your all-in-one creative storage solution...

Creative brain™

Finally – a place to store all your content and the data attached to it. Creative Brain™ means every image, creative, ad and product is tagged so when you need a high performing image of a certain product, it’s at your fingertips. 

Test your audience assumptions with

Audience Testing


Gone are the days of guessing who your audience is or what creative inspires them. With Audience tests you simply pick an image…


Then import Facebook Business Manager audiences, these could be defined by age, demographics, geography or interests…


Otterfish will do the rest serving each real audience the image and caption, allowing you to quickly compare multiple audience sets in no time

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