Who Uses Otterfish? ​

We've made sure anyone can use Otterfish, it's easy!

Otterfish allows anyone to test products or marketing campaigns using multiple iterations into target audiences on social media. It’s strength is it’s simplicity and ease-of-use giving everyone from product designers, to marketers and content creators instant access to genuine market feedback on a campaign, content, logo, brand or product…

Here are some people who will instantly see a benefit in using Otterfish:

SME's who want to

By using our Instant Creative tool 

In real time with real audiences

With easy to use, top-in-class marketing techniques and technology

By prioritising content that working to audiences that want it, on platforms that are cost effective

Agencies who want to

And put an end to inefficient, repetitive campaign iteration work so they can focus on the important jobs.

With genuine weekly comparative insights from real audiences.

All in one place for better insights into how their clients campaigns are performing and more importantly, why.

Through integrated software and innovative and creative campaigns.

With real data and insights from real audiences.

Content creators who want to

By testing content into their target market before posting it to their feed.

Adding them to your team to sign off on content, co-create captions and track dark post spend.

To the right channel using our cross- platform testing.


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