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What is Otterfish?

Otterfish is software that enables anyone to create and test multiple ads at a click of a button, helping you make easier, faster and data driven marketing decisions.

“Otterfish is the Mailchimp of social commerce.” – Dan Sing, CEO Juice Box

“Like the Canva for Ads” – Dr Rosie Bosworth 

Who Uses Otterfish?

Otterfish allows anyone to test products or marketing campaigns using multiple iterations into target audiences on social media. It’s strength is it’s simplicity and ease-of-use giving everyone from marketing novices, small business owners & start-ups, product designers, to marketers and content creators instant access to genuine market feedback on a campaign, content, logo, brand or product… Click here to see who can benefit from using Otterfish


Tyler Ward

Tyler is a business growth specialist with a digital marketing and strategy background. He has a consistent track record of taking businesses from concept to profitability by supporting sales and marketing functions. Tyler has been a part of numerous successful exits in the SaaS and e-commerce industries throughout his career. He loves anything in the great outdoors, whether that be grilling out with friends, watching sports, or rock climbing.

Brooke Howard-Smith

X Games Medalist and social entrepreneur Brooke Howard-Smith spent 11 years in the US founding some of action sport’s most successful companies. After returning to New Zealand television where he worked with many of the country’s best content creators and built some of the nation’s largest charity events Brooke formed WeAreTENZING, a management company that looks after over 180 of New Zealand’s best athletes and content creators.

Aaron McDonald

Aaron is a 20 year tech industry veteran with experience leading teams across all aspects of a technology company managing portfolios over $1b in value. Aaron Founded Centrality a leading $100m global venture studio portfolio. Aaron is a Board member or advisor to more than a dozen venture companies around the world In 2018 Aaron was awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the technology and emerging industries category. In 2019 he was also named one of the top 50 technology leaders in IDG’s CIO50.

Dragos Rizescu

Dragos is a product manager with a passion to solve complex problems with highly scalable user interfaces and experiences. He started his career as a full stack developer delivering enterprise solutions where he developed a strong technical background that enabled him to understand a variety of distributed, client and server technologies. A background that gave him the ability to coach, motivate and give feedback to a team of developers; integrate with a variety of systems; and to gather key information from users.


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