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Otterfish is a powerful, easy to use marketing tool designed to help your business thrive in a digital world.

Our simple software helps you create and launch dozens of unique ads into real audiences in minutes and compares the results in real time, saving you time and money.


Test Centre™
Instant Creative™
Creative Brain™

Otterfish: Ads that work

Start saving money and let us do the heavy lifting!


Intuitive flows enable fast start of campaigns and learning - get straight to doing
(easy to do it well)


All the power of an agency in the hands of a single user - you don't need specialist skills

Real audiences, real feedback

Detailed feedback from real customers on real campaigns - removing bias and creating insight

The hardest part of digital marketing just got A LOT easier...

Our World-first Instant Creative™ tool can turn a single image into dozens of unique creatives in seconds, ready to test into your audiences

Some platforms are offering A/B testing, that’s great… if you only have 2 creatives! These days content Darwinism means survival of the fittest content and that means multivariate testing. Don’t stress. It’s easy with Otterfish.

Start by testing who your audience actually is. Otterfish has the world’s first multi-audience test allowing you to test a single creative into any number of audiences.

Creative Brain™ collects your creatives, tags them and allows you to better organise past and future campaigns.

Invite team members to join, collaborate with influencers with all your creatives, logos, templates and ads in a single place.

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